Términos y condiciones


Effective date: July 10th, 2023.

Uni Life This mobile application (hereinafter: “App”) is offered to the User by Uni-Life BV (after this: Uni Life). The following terms of use (hereinafter: “Termsof Use”) are of applicable to the use of and access to the application. 

Article 1. Definitions

1.1 When capitalized, the terms below have the following meaning:
A. Account: User's personal account, created by Uni-Lifewith the by User provided data such as first and last name, email address, linked Institution, selected interests and a password. It is only possible to download the App open and use with a personal account.
B. Content: The information available and visible in the App.
C. User: a student or employee who uses the Uni-Life environment(application or content management system).

Article 2. Agreement

2.1 By accepting the Terms of Use, the User is an agreement entered into with Uni-Life, a company with: registered address at Van Speijkstraat 155-III Amsterdam, The Netherlands and registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (“Chamber of Commerce”) under number 77673255.
2.2 This agreement ends when the Account is deleted. 

Article 3. Use Uni-Life App

3.1 Access to and use of the App is free for students of our partnerInstitutions.
3.2 The use of the App is subject to the following conditions:
A. User does not provide false identity to register;
B. User will not create and use more than one Account;
C. User will never use the App in a way that can lead to any– whether or notcommercial – exploitation of the App or part thereof by the User or a third party.
D. User ensures that the App is not used or opened by unauthorized persons;
E. User will not circumvent or dismantle existing security measures;
F. User chooses and uses a secure password and keeps it confidential;
G. User does not transfer his Account to another student or third party;
H. In case the User's Account is hacked, the User's access becomes denied or a third party has access to the login information, User Uni- Life.inform you of this without delay;
I. If User finds inappropriate or illegal content on the App, User will inform Life immediately by sending an email to contact@uni-life.nl, or through the App reporting function;
J. User is at all times responsible and liable for the way in which he uses the App;
K. The User shall not attempt to manipulate or manipulate the operation and availability of the App.
3.3 If the User does not comply with the Terms of Use,Uni-Life is entitled cancel the Account and remove the User from using the App.

Article 4. Announcements from Uni-Life

4.1 Uni-Life is entitled to contact the User via the App or via the e-mail provided by the User contact information communications such as pushnotifications (if User chooses theseto receive) and messages (emails that require urgent actionsuch as a password change). 

Article 5. Use of your data

5.1 Uni-Life uses the collected data for various purposes: To provide the Service to supply and maintain; To inform User about: changes to our services; To enable User to participate in interactive features of our service when User chooses to do so; To provide customer care and support; To provide analytics or valuable information so that Uni-Life can improve the Service; To monitor the use of the Service; For detecting, preventing and tackling of technical problems. 

Article 6. Availability of the App

6.1 Uni-Life has the right to decide to discontinue the App at any time. Uni Life cannot guarantee that the data and content stored by the User will be preserved to stay.
6.2 Uni-Life reserves the right to change the App at anytime and without prior notice of change notification. 

Article 7. Disclaimer and Liability

7.1 Uni-Life does not warrant that the App will operate without interruptions or errors. The App is delivered in the current state and based onavailability.
7.2 Uni-Life is not responsible for the loss or alteration of the Content of the User.
7.3 Uni-Life does not guarantee the availability and functioning of the App.
7.4 Uni-Life is not responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, caused by using the App.

Article 8. User Generated Content

8.1 User is responsible for the use of the Service and all content contained therein, including: compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations.
8.2 User may only share content that User feels comfortable interacting with others to share. Uni-Life has not reviewed, and cannot review, all material on our services that is posted.
8.3 By performing our service, Uni-Life does not imply thatit has accepted the post or endorses any content , or believes that such content is accurate, useful or non-harmful.
8.4 User understands that it becomes possible through the use of the service that he is exposed to content that is abusive, harmful, inaccurate or otherwise inappropriateis.
8.5 Uni-Life will monitor this to the best of its ability, but cannot be held liable for any content that is made.
8.6 Uni-Life is a global and international community, so please be polite andrespectful in the content User uploads. 

Article 9 Infringement of copyright
9.1 All content placed in the App by the User is subject to the responsibility of User. Uni-Life asks User to respect intellectual property rights and the intellectual property rights of other Users. User is liable and responsible for the content provided by him. User indemnifies Uni-Life against claims from third parties based on actions ofthe user that are contrary to the Terms of Use.
9.2 If User believes that material on or linked to Uni-Life is copyrighted violates, the User is encouraged to contact Thomas Smulders(thomas@uni-life.nl). Uni-Life will respond to this with appropriate measures.
9.3 Uni-Life has the unique right to deploy Uni-Life at the Institution.
9.4 The User is not entitled to use the logos and/or name, as shown on the App, for its own use purposes.

Article 10. Changes
10.1 Uni-Life may change the content of this agreement at any time.
10.2 Changes do not apply retroactively.
10.3 User will be kept informed of essential changes by Uni-Life via the e-mail address specified by the User. 

Article 11. Final provisions
11.1 If one or more clauses of the Terms of Use prove to be invalid,the validity of the other clauses does not expire.
11.2 If Uni-Life does not exercise any right or remedy under these Terms of Use, this should not be construed as a waiver of that rightor legal remedy.
11.3 The Terms of Use are governed by Dutch law. Possible disputes that cannot be settled amicably will be settled by: the competent court in Rotterdam.